Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Well, life got busy real quick!

The main reason? The resort I patrol for opened this weekend. Saturday was the first day, but I didn't get to ski then. I was busy with my instructor duties. We tested 10 new ski patrol candidates. An all day effort that is definitely worth it. GREAT folks. Very excited to have them as a part of our team.

Candidates awaiting their test scenarios

Post-test, we all went to a huge party of puffy jacket wearing, flannel clothed, bearded hippie folk. Free beer, homemade whiskey-moonshine (yes its a combo and not two things) out of the shot-ski (video 1), and the biggest potluck I've ever attended. Great seasonal party. An effigy of Ullr, the god of winter and snow, was burned in sacrifice (video 2) to an excellent season with lots of cold and snow.

We were rewarded the following morning. We got 6"+ in a hurry! My first turns on my mountain were powder. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Effortless. Flowing. I loved it.

And a teaser: Prior to all of the above shenanigans, Jeremy got a lot of videos of Q and Griffin and I working. I'm still processing through them and trying to get things uploaded. I'm really excited to have some videos though! They will be a great baseline for later on when I've (hopefully) made a lot of progress with my two!

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