Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Video: Q in side reins & US

Once again:
  • All videos are relatively short. 
  • She's wet because this was filmed in the middle of a HUGE rain event (rain for >24 hours); she's outside 24/7 and thus was in the elements. (This was actually a day I found the horses shivering outside due to the cold and wet. In the future, I plan to blanket them during such instances to help them out.)
  • I have zero idea what the audio is like other than obnoxious because of the rain. Jeremy was filming for me (yay!), and I did try to explain some things to him here and there as he's never ever been around horses in this capacity before I corrupted his time with them. I recommend muting the sound.
  • Draw your own conclusions, ask questions if you have them, provide supportive suggestions where you see fit.
 My take:
  • She's making progress. Truly, truly. She's working so hard to figure out those side reins. Every session produces better and better results.
  • She's really trying to figure out what I want under saddle with the contact, too. She adjusts her head up and down and up and down.
  • Its funny, but when she nails it and gets into that 'sweet spot' she becomes stretchy and really forward. She wants to break into a trot without any encouragement from me. Odd for her with any work off-trail. I'd like to take this as her enjoying the work we're doing?

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