Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Season Passes

And thus, another season passes. And honestly? I'm not sorry to see it go!

It was certainly my most busy winter yet. I enjoy the flurry of activity through the winter months, but working three jobs and only having one day (maybe) off a week is taxing after a time! All the same, I loved the addition of working for not one, but two mountains this year for ski patrol.

The difference in terrain between the two mountains was a blast to ski - especially on the days when I'd work day shift on one mountain and then zip over to the second for night shift. (I'm officially a pro at driving with my ski boots on!) Canaan's trails are certainly more "beginner-friendly": wide, sloping, always groomed. Timberline offers more advanced terrain: steeper, narrower, and more tree skiing. Each have their merits; I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to ski both so often.

While fortunately not as arctic cold as last winter, we also missed out on the amounts of snow we had the previous winter. This year, all of the snow seemed to fall in February - except for the rogue storm in November. From the very tail end of January through February, if we got precipitation, it was in the form of snow. I didn't see the ground for weeks and forgot what a dry, clear road was like! Driving on snow covered roads became second-hand.

All of the February snow and cold was GREAT for building an absolutely amazing base of snow,
however. I did more tree skiing this year than I've ever done as a result. Superb!

I also got out and about on my XC skis more this year than I have in a long while. I always wonder why I don't do it more, but when you consider my work schedule, it becomes quite obvious. All the same, I enjoyed the few times I was out on my "skinnies" this year. I especially enjoyed the ski hash I was fortunate to be invited to in February! Definitely a highlight of the winter.

Spring is doing its damndest to emerge now; I'm so very happy to see green shoots of grass emerging and to hear the birds and frogs singing again. Winter is full of skiing and fun, but it is not a very colorful season and is quiet in comparison to the other months when nature abounds. I'll miss skiing, but I'm looking forward to climbing and riding!

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