Friday, July 6, 2012

Back in action!

Because Chris is brilliant, I have internet on my desktop (where all the photo editing software is, not to mention the 20" screen).  So my posts can be exciting with media again!  Hooah!

Have some videos and photos!  ...from my phone.

Griffin's still too little for the pack saddle

14hh and quite butt high; he turns two on July 26

The following two videos are Q and I doing a mini jump complemented by Chris' commentary in the first...

 I've got loads more videos of Q jumping, but I'll save them for a rainy day.

Today she and I did 6 miles at a walk, and then A came out to help us with our jumping some more - mostly she misses jumping and Q is the best thing around here she has available to play with. 

She we had Q going over 18" vertical by the end of the session.  A gave me a flat lesson making me focus on things and kicking my butt a little.  Then I jumped my little pony over the same things she'd jumped her over - biggest for me on this horse yet! 

Q is so eager and happy to jump.  It makes me so happy to have such a versatile horse.

Additionally, after her semi-strenuous jumping workout I remembered to get her heart rate after 10 minutes of her walking out/standing around cooling.  It was a 66 bpm.  Not too shabby.  Ideally it will go down more with more work, but for not having a ton of work on her, and today being in the 90s with high humidity, I'm pretty happy with that.  Its a great starting point for our endurance.

Okay, its wedding season and I'm off and away to photograph!  Hope everyone is staying cool as possible and far away from flames! 

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  1. The commentary really complimented the video. lol

    Gorgeous here...