Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Sunset - My favorite Max Patch sunset shot from my visit to the Smokies.

2. Sweet - Cake!  Cake is sweet!  And this is quite the blast from the past - 2007 4-H (just our club) seniors.  Ooohh good times.

3. Hanging Around - Back in the day - my first New River Rendezvous, my second summer of climbing.

4. Funny Face - I'm an expert at these.  Just ask me about the face game...

5. Space - Ignore the awful dance moves to observe my space freshman year at WVU.  What an incredible year.  I miss that little room sometimes.  Mostly I miss seeing such wonderful people every day.  This photo is a friend from home and I between classes one afternoon.  He'd always come up and hang out with us and we would watch Maury and make fun of people before heading downstairs to the dining hall.

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