Saturday, July 7, 2012

Griffin, a Pusher grandson?

All horses other than Griffin are direct sons of The Pusher, a popular TWH stallion who is known to throw his chrome and strange white flecked markings to his youngsters.  I was really struck by these horses, first because of their markings, and then because of their facial expressions that were so much like Griffin.

Griffin is supposedly ½ TWH, ½ Arabian.  I'm thinking there is a strong possibility his grandsire may have been Pusher if this is truly the case - we will never know.  So, what do you speculate??


  1. They do look a freakish amount alike...

  2. Yeah, Dixie's got the extra-spotty roan and the Pusher white. I've always thought she's tobiano + (Pusher) sabino. I knew there was a reason I thought Griffin was so cute :)