Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Wrapped - These bands are now wrapped around the fingers of two of my good friends from high school whose wedding I was lucky enough to capture a few weeks back.

©Liz Stout

2. Time Together - The bride and her father the night before the wedding.

©Liz Stout

3. Tell Me A Story - So, the story behind this photo goes back to sophomore year of band when we all went to Disney World together to play.  During one of the sleep-deprived nights on the bus home the bride spilled a bunch of Cheez-Its all over the bus.  In agitation, and sleep deprivation, she cried angrily aloud, "AGH!  Now I have to pick all of these up ONE BY ONE!" To which the Maid of Honor (on the far left) said aloud, "Hannah, this is a HAND FULL."  And to this day it has been a joke amongst us.

©Liz Stout

4. Love - Chris is living in Colorado just outside Boulder now.  I'm pretty sad he's gone, but perhaps I'll be able to make my way out there?  Until that day, I have fun memories like this to think back on....

5. Duplicated - The bridal party had a photo like this from HS and during college, I was happy to duplicate it for them on Hannah's wedding day.  Next up to be married is the girl on the left!  =)

©Liz Stout

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