Sunday, July 29, 2012

Parade Pony!

I think nearly every woman out there was once a  horse-crazed little girl.  For several of us that crazy stuck and we are now happy horse owners/caretakers. 

As a horse-crazed girl I'm willing to bet most of you shared the same dream I did when I went to a parade and saw people riding horses through, I want to be one of those girls one day riding my horse in the parade!!  My parents have photo after photo, year after year of me standing up and away from my seat as I crane my neck looking at the upcoming horses and riders in our town's big grand feature parade for the biggest festival in the state.

It took 23 years, but that dream I'd been fostering deep in my head came to fruition yesterday:

Little girl has toned up in the past month of training.  I'm really thrilled with where she is.

Not perfect, but I had NO IDEA what I was doing!

Q and her hunter/jumper braids
Bringing English to this little community

I love this horse.

Q fell in love very quickly with Mr. Eli

She was seriously sound asleep, one leg cocked as the firetrucks and sirens blared in front of us during parade line up.

We all look so serious! Three very different breeds in this photo.

Our faces!! We were so smug at this point that we were FINALLY doing this and our horses were so well behaved.

The horse group.  QH, TWH, MFT, mini, Freisian sporthorse, Arab, and a mule

Iz that whut we waz traineen fur?!  No, Q, you have 30 miles to do next weekend.


  1. Ooooh FUN!! And she looks AWESOME! FYI - you look good on her - it's a nice horse/rider "fit". :)

  2. That looks like heaps of fun. I would love to do that one day :)

  3. She is such a superstar! Sound asleep with sirens?! Amazing. And her stockings are so very, very striking and cute!

    btw, love your banner collage of photos!

    best, Corinna