Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Griffin!

You're TWO!

In the minds of many this would make you the perfect age to start work under saddle, but I can see that you are still too awkward in your growth to handle the stresses of my weight in addition to your exercises.  You're still so clumsy!  But we will work on things and see how you are on a month by month basis.  Perhaps you will be sat upon (okay, seriously, I really just wanted an excuse to say "sat upon") sometime before Christmas...

You've come a LONG way from that super awkward little guy I rescue-adopted at the end of January.  You've gained hundreds of pounds and have grown a hand or two.  Your feet are in much better shape - literally they were clover-esque before!  Your feet are also hard, hard, hard; very well-developed growth going on down there!  Your heels are a little bit higher than I would like, but we will bring them down, no worries.

Taken on his birthday; chunker.

I'm just happy you're a healthy horse with lots of friends and space to run.  No more being locked in a dark barn without food or water and only getting hand-walked to eat once a day for an hour or two!  You've come a long way, little horse.  And if I have it my way you're only going to get better - we've got some LD and endurance in our futures!


  1. Oh! He looks so cute!!! He's looking awesome when you compare before and after pics! No rush on the starting. You have all the time in the world...

  2. Thank you for waiting to start him. I hate it when just turned two, two year olds are.

  3. Seeing two-year-olds under saddle always shocked me. I never got used to it. They're such babies! He's filling out really nicely now. Amazing transformation!

  4. D'awwww! Little man's looking awesome! =D

  5. He is such a cutie. Good on you for waiting before you ride him.