Tuesday, July 24, 2012


  • I'm sort of obsessed with taking photos on my phone of Q lately....

  • Mostly, I'm just rather obsessed with taking photos on my phone period.  After the wedding and hours upon hours of editing those photos I don't even feel like picking up my DSLR.  But I'm sure I will soon...  I really need to think about conning someone into being my personal photographer for the race.  Pity I don't have many friends who are competent with a DSLR...
  • My hoof stand came in....

  • This baby helped me to do all of Griffin's feet in < 20 minutes!  Aaaahh my back is so thankful!  Q is up next, I doubt she will be as complacent as Griffin, she's more fiery, but not a dragon.
  • I got out of the shower the other night (ran to get my phone and come back to take this) to find Kenai guarding me while I was showering....  Silly puppy.

  • Q did 21 miles (10 Saturday, 11 Sunday) this weekend.  I believe our average pace for all of this was 5.89 mph.  So far this month with the Endomondo app we have logged 60.88 miles.  
  • Ariana rode Q while I rode Mayer on our Saturday ride; Q got to jump some fun logs:

  • Saturday I rode with N, one of two local 4-H girls I will be sponsoring for the second half of the endurance ride.  Head vet said that it would be sufficient for these girls to "try out endurance" and just do one loop - the second, a 12 mile loop.  This way I can focus on Q and myself on the first loop (18 miles) and get settled so we can be right and ready for the girls and their horses on the second loop.  This arrangement also allows for me to make sure I have ample time to make certain that we don't go over time during the second loop!  Looking forward to spending time with the girls and riding.

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  1. Phones take such bad photos, but it's SO much easier to just snap a shot! Totally jealous of your hoof stand. One of these days... Can't wait to hear how your first LD goes!